The #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Is Back!

In 2017, I launched the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge. It was a 28-day blogging challenge focused on Black culture and experiences. You can go back and read all the posts from last year HERE.

The goal with the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge was to push myself to blog consistently and to express thoughts I’d been suppressing surrounding race that were keeping me bound and blocked as a writer. I enlisted the help of my BlogFFs Keirsten Greggs and Janine Truitt to help me put together the lineup and keep me accountable on follow-through.

I had no idea how it would change me — and others.  It opened new doors for dialogue and shed light in spaces that had been kept in the dark for a long time. And when the challenge ended, I immediately began getting questions about whether it would keep going and how to increase its impact.

So I am proud to bring the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge back for 2018.

This year’s challenge will have 2 aspects:

  1. #BlackBlogsMatter weekly challenge. This 15-week challenge has a weekly blog theme surrounding both Black culture and experience as well as broader topics of diversity, inclusion, micro-aggression, intersectionality and equality.  In each week, you can write 1 blog post or several within your thoughts on the theme.  Below is the graphic with the topics. 
  2. #BlackBlogsMatter microblog challenge.  This 28-day challenges is designed for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and features a different blogging genre each day.  You will post each day shoutout and highlight the work of a Black blogger who focuses on the genre listed. My hope is for everyone to meet new blog friends, add new content to their feeder, and amplify the voices of talented Black bloggers. Below is the graphic with the topics.


Whether for a few posts, for 28-days, or for the 15-week duration, I hope you will consider taking the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge.

And I hope you will follow the #BlackBlogsMatter hashtag so you can read and share the posts.

And if you’d like to wear your support for #BlackBlogsMatter, check out my TeeSpring boutique and buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt

The #BlackBlogsMatter challenge kicks off on  Thursday, February 1st … See you there!


  1. I can incorporate this challenge with my #DEBlackHistoryMonth segment coming up! Thank you so much, check it out here:

    Subscribing to your site now!

  2. This is great idea! Yes, Black Blogs do matter!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah Morgan

      January 24, 2018 at 3:17 AM

      Absolutely they do. Our voices must continue to be heard and we must keep having these difficult conversations surrounding inclusion and intersectionality.

  3. Hey, I want to try this!!

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