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The #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Is Back!

In 2017, I launched the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge. It was a 28-day blogging challenge focused on Black culture and experiences. You can go back and read all the posts from last year HERE.

The goal with the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge was to push myself to blog consistently and to express thoughts I’d been suppressing surrounding race that were keeping me bound and blocked as a writer. I enlisted the help of my BlogFFs Keirsten Greggs and Janine Truitt to help me put together the lineup and keep me accountable on follow-through.

I had no idea how it would change me — and others.  It opened new doors for dialogue and shed light in spaces that had been kept in the dark for a long time. And when the challenge ended, I immediately began getting questions about whether it would keep going and how to increase its impact.

So I am proud to bring the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge back for 2018.

This year’s challenge will have 2 aspects:

  1. #BlackBlogsMatter weekly challenge. This 15-week challenge has a weekly blog theme surrounding both Black culture and experience as well as broader topics of diversity, inclusion, micro-aggression, intersectionality and equality.  In each week, you can write 1 blog post or several within your thoughts on the theme.  Below is the graphic with the topics. 
  2. #BlackBlogsMatter microblog challenge.  This 28-day challenges is designed for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and features a different blogging genre each day.  You will post each day shoutout and highlight the work of a Black blogger who focuses on the genre listed. My hope is for everyone to meet new blog friends, add new content to their feeder, and amplify the voices of talented Black bloggers. Below is the graphic with the topics.


Whether for a few posts, for 28-days, or for the 15-week duration, I hope you will consider taking the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge.

And I hope you will follow the #BlackBlogsMatter hashtag so you can read and share the posts.

And if you’d like to wear your support for #BlackBlogsMatter, check out my TeeSpring boutique and buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt

The #BlackBlogsMatter challenge kicks off on  Thursday, February 1st … See you there!

8 Things You’ve Never Noticed in Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman.

We all know the song and have probably seen the 50 year old classic TV special.

In case you don’t know or remember, some kids build a snowman and put a magicians’ hat on its head. The snowman comes to life. It plays and sings songs with the kids. When it starts to melt, they all realize that it’s too warm in the town for it and they need to get it to the North Pole where it can live forever — so they take off on an adventure.

The magician, realizing his hat is magical and could be worth money, follows them. He locks Frosty in a greenhouse full of tropical plants, where Frosty melts. But Santa shows up, threatens the magician with a lifetime sentence on the naughty list and gets the hat back. A strong wind blows and Frosty is back!

Santa takes the kid who was traveling with Frosty home and rides off with Frosty to live with him, the Mrs, the elves and reindeer in Christmas village. Happily ever after.

I noticed a lot of interesting things watching Frosty in preparation for this post:

  • None of the kids are wearing appropriate winter gear, except Karen. Who let them out the house like that?? Where are their parents?? What is the school doing??

  • Frosty is addressed with male pronouns but has no genitalia so how does anyone know what Frosty’s gender identity even is?? Address Frosty as either it (since Frosty is technically inanimate and genderless) or as they to acknowledge Frosty’s neutral gender identity until Frosty makes a decision. Frosty is a snowperson.
  • When it comes to life, Frosty is shocked to learn it can speak and move. Its first move? A twerk. Yes, Frosty dropped it like it was hotttt — and looked back at it!!

  • As Frosty is walking thru the town with the children, it gets stopped by the police. The officer really gets up in its face and talks like he’s going to arrest Frosty, until Karen shows up and explains what’s going on … Combined with the twerking, it kinda looks like Frosty was being profiled and was only allowed to continue on its because a real White person spoke up. Stay woke

  • The train ticket to the North Pole cost over $3000 — and this was nearly 50 years ago!! Can you imagine what a ticket would cost now??? I was tempted to google this — but I didn’t … Tell me if you do cuz I still lowkey wanna know.
  • When the kids couldn’t afford the ticket, they decided to stowaway on an ice cream car on the train. They legit thought they could get to the North Pole and back by dinner time … I repeat: Where are their parents?? And what are they learning at school?? Nothing about appropriate dress for winter, geography or stealing, obvs.
  • Frosty was a simple, sensitive soul. It really looked out for Karen on their trip. When she was cold, it got Hocus the rabbit to get the woodland creatures to build a fire for her. It went in the greenhouse so Karen wouldn’t feel scared in there alone. And it knew only Santa could get them both out the mess they were in.
  • Santa is gangsta! When he found out the magician had deliberately hurt Frosty and Karen, he quickly got him alllllllll the way together in epic fashion. He let that magician know that meanness wouldn’t be tolerated in his presence or with his presents. Santa is the realist. He plays no games in this naughty/nice list life.

I know you all were hoping for profound, practical management lessons. I was, too. But I just didn’t find them.

I found fun instead.

So that’s the lesson. Not everything is all that deep. Sometimes things are just there for fun, foolish entertainment.

It’s rare but it’s real.

And the truth is, we need that … The fun and lightness of Frosty’s story is just as important to our existence as anything with a clear, inspirational message. Because we need balance in our lives.

It took a twerking Snowman to remind me of that.

What will it take for you?

#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge – Day 21 – The Power of Black Twitter

Welcome to the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge! Throughout the 28 days of February, my posts will not (necessarily) be about HR, Leadership or Management topics.

Black Twitter is NOT a separate website from Twitter.com

It is what the community of Black users on Twitter who post about current events and other topics related to the Black community and experience are called.

Black Twitter didn’t name itself. White people named Black Twitter. Back around 2013 when they took notice of hashtags being used and shifting of Twitter trends based on Black users and the things they liked. Suddenly, everyone everwhere was fascinated with what Black Twitter was saying and trying to figure out ways to stay on their good side.

That’s power.

Black Twitter determines the popularity of television shows, movies and products. Black Twitter drags idiots for filth up and down the cyber streets. Black Twitter makes international news with jokes, memes and gifs … If Black Twitter can do those things with 140 characters, we can  do anything.

That’s power. That’s Black Power.

I anxiously hope and wait for the day we harness that power collectively to make a difference in our political environment that will have economic impact that will begin to turn the tide on systemic racism.

Wait for it. Watch for it. Black Twitter has the power to change our world.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 22 – Black Economic Empowerment


What I Learned at SHRM14 … Even Though I Wasn’t There

I’ve never been to a SHRM National Conference.

So I was really excited when I was selected as a blogger for the 2014 Conference, which was going to be in one of my favorite places and feature some of my favorite people as speakers. I dreamed of eating in Disney World with my BlogFFs and other social media friends — and I plotted how I would snag a selfie with Robin Roberts.

Then I got my new job and had to cancel … If I’d pushed, they probably would have allowed me the time off since it was pre-planned. But I just didn’t feel right about it … So I made the decision to work instead — and now I set my sights on fabulous Las Vegas for the 2015 National Conference!

Even though I wasn’t there, I still got a good idea of all the happenings thru social media. Lots of great Twitter posts, Instagram photos and Facebook shares were flying around using the SHRM14 hashtag. Many of the bloggers on the official team, vendor partner sites and other bloggers wrote and shared articles from the event. It was great to see — and hard not to have bittersweet feelings about not being there.

Here are the 6 posts I think best sum up the lessons from SHRM14

And I have to give honorable mention to my friends at SHRM – We Know Next because they did a phenomenal job of grabbing, sharing and syndicating most of the blogs out there with coverage or mention of the SHRM14 conference.

But, in case you don’t want to read all this stuff, I can summarize the SHRM14 lessons in 5 words: change, care, certify, create and count.

Whoomp. There it is.

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