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It’s the HR Carnival … Of Love & Other Stuff!!

February is a short month … but it’s also a great month and one of my favorite months of the year! We celebrate Black History and highlight the accomplishments of African-Americans in the USA in February. We celebrate Valentine’s Day and highlight the importance of love and romance in February. Usually, we celebrate the best of the year’s movies at the Oscars in February as well — but this year, the awards airs on March 2nd.

Oh well. Close enough.

So when I saw my friend Shauna Griffis post on Facebook that she needed a blogger to host the HR Carnival for this week, I jumped on it! I’ve been a follower of the Carnival since before I started blogging. I really respect their commitment to sharing great content and featuring new HR blogging voices.

Because it is February, I asked for contributions along the themes of Love in the Workplace, Diversity and Great HR Lessons from the Movies … Enjoy the show!


Karin Hurt gives great perspective on male/female workplace friendships and breaking down boys club barriers in “Can Men & Women Be Friends At Work?”

Looking for seedy tales of workplace whoopee? Then you MUST read these posts from Sabrina Baker and Chris Fields — they are sure to raise your eyebrows and make you blush, giggle and flinch


You’ll never hear me argue against passion for work and showing love for others at work as essential, necessary and desirable for a successful employment relationship. That’s why these 3 posts had to be included in this Carnival —

5 Signs You Found the Love of Your Work Life by Troy Lutz from WagePoint

Falling In Love with Your Employees by Chris Fields from eSkills

Legacy HRMS / Legacy Marriage — Sunk Costs vs Innovation by Naomi Bloom


Tiffany Keuhl encourages you to “Free Your Mind” about traditional ideas and plans surrounding diversity at work. Dwane Lay supports these notions and adds some more ideas to the mix in his post “What’s Missing From Diversity”   then Andrew Tarvin ties it all together with “8 Benefits of an Inclusive Organization“… And I absolutely loved this post from Ian Welsh which combines his thoughts on diversity strategy with the Wizard of Oz!! It just don’t get much better than A Brain, A Heart, The Nerve”

For those who’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know how much I love television and the movies! I pull a lot of wisdom and great workplace lessons from there. So even though the Oscars are on the outskirts of February this year, I still have give honorable mention and share this from Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership Blog “The 2013 Movie Edition” (spoiler alert: there are GIFs!! Yay!!)

Finally, in direct honor of Black History Month, I want to share this post from my friend Dave Ryan (Black History from an Old White Guy) which was written in response to my post “The N-Word” (oh yes. I went there) back in 2012.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the Carnival! Check out the website to find out the next stop — and find out how you too can be a host!

Boulder and Bolder — HR Florida 2013

Last week, I had the pleasure and honor to attend the 2013 HR Florida State Conference & Expo with over 2000 other HR professionals from all over the pan-handle state … And it was awesome!

The conference kicked off with Aron Ralston, the hiker who became trapped in a canyon, cut off his own arm to get free (yes, you read that right. He CUT OFF HIS ARM!!! The movie 127 Hours was based on his experience. I’m too chicken-poo to watch it, but you should) and hike back to safety. I’d seen Ralston’s story on an episode of Dateline several years ago.  It was chilling … I wondered how his story would relate to HR — other than the obvious: nothing an employee could do or say would ever be worse than having to cut off your arm.

The answer became obvious about 5 minutes into Ralston’s talk. And his sobering tale mesmerized the room and haunted the remainder of the conference … The boulders in our life are a blessing. They help us determine what is really important in our lives. They force us to slow down, focus and make deliberate, purposeful and strategic decisions. They make us act with boldness and bravery. They demand we leave behind the things which no longer serve us. Being caught between a rock and a hard place will drag us to and through the dark places that will ultimately lift us to new heights.

In our HR lives, our boulders are numerous — difficult employees, unsupportive executives, changing legal landscape, resistance to technology, etc. And in our every day lives, there are just as many boulders. But if we can focus and remember what’s truly important, we can find a way to overcome our boulder to become … bolder!!

Armed with this message, I made my way thru excellent sessions on employee investigations, HRIS system implementation, wage & hour compliance, building total reward programs and how to retain top talent over the 2 1/2 day event. Each session was packed with HR wisdom nuggets and tips to arm participants with best practices. Each session was also packed with people!! So packed that I got locked out of a couple of sessions I wanted to attend because the fire marshall said the rooms were full. I didn’t fret because every concurrent timeslot had at least 2 or 3 things worth seeing.

I left feeling refreshed and inspired to tackle the boulders before me with boldness in the remaining months, weeks, days and hours of 2013. I also left with lots of thoughts ideas on what HR Conferences need to be more successful and meaningful — and how I can contribute to making things even better.

More on that tomorrow.

Until then, check out my HR Florida Conference lead-in posts over at HR Florida State Council blog, The HR Mouth of the South:

Blogiversary Reflections

It’s hard to believe I launched this blog TWO YEARS AGO on this day. I still remember how excited and nervous I felt as I wondered 1) if anyone would read it and 2) how my voice would be received.

Honestly, that hasn’t changed. I still agonize over the things I post — I worry that the information is relevant, current and useful. And I wonder how I stay relevant, current and useful as a working HR Professional in this blogging/social media space. Especially now — as I continue to look for balance and rhythm in my new job role alongside all my other responsibilities and aspirations … But I’ve accepted that it’s going to take time to fall into place so I just need to continue to work hard, be patient with myself and have faith I’ll end up exactly where I’m meant to be in due season.

Which makes this the perfect time to reflect again on What HR is to Me … Now. It’s the question I ask each year on the blog’s anniversary and the title of my very first post.

But before I share my thoughts, I’ve got a great lineup of new and aspiring HR bloggers to give their answer to the question. The fun begins on May 8th!

In the meanwhile, check out these posts and interviews:

  • The HR Interview — Victorio Milian has put together an awesome series of interviews with some of the smartest minds in the HR social space … and me! Read my thoughts on the greatest misconceptions in HR and the future of this profession.
  • Interviewing The Buzz on HR —  Christine Assaf interviewed several speakers as apart of her preview series for the Louisiana SHRM conference. Read why I decided to pursue a career in HR and why improving HR investigations is so important to me.
  • Leading Ladies ~ Mommie Dearest Was Misunderstood — To celebrate her blogiversary, Janine Truitt lined up a series of savvy social sirens to discuss the challenges facing women at work today. My contribution is one of the most vulnerable posts I’ve ever written. I’m proud of it — and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

And don’t forget all the great content at Performance I Create!! Three times each week, you can find practical tips on improving performance and planning development from HR professionals with decades of combined experience. Here are my contributions this year so far:

Thank you for all the support — that’s what has made this blog a success! Cheers to the next phase of the journey!

Looking Back, Moving Forward

No matter who you are or what you do, it is always good to reflect on the happenings in your life over the course of the year and set goals for the next one.

2012 was an interesting one for me, both personally and professionally. It started out great, went really sucky and wonky in the middle, then ended on a great trajectory … Going into 2013, I am fired up — and feeling slightly daunted by all the work there is to be done.

Toward the end of the year, I had to do some pruning. Home, work and blog were completely out of balance. I couldn’t seem to find a good routine or rhythm for all I needed and wanted to do. So I had to let go of some things, people and projects to make room for others. Because I am smart enough to know I can’t do everything and do everything well.

I can already see that 2013 is going to be a year of more personal and professional growth for me. Yet I sense it will be different than anything I thought. I’ll have to define and redefine myself at the same time as I establish deeper roots in some areas and plant new seeds in others. Relationships will be tested and boundaries will be pushed. I pray I’m really ready for all of it … And I’m always excited to share the journey with you.

I kicked off 2013 by making 2 awesome HR “best of” lists! Check me out with the rest of best on the Global Voices of HR and the Top 40  HR Bloggers Under 40. You will recognize several names on BOTH lists as previous guests here!

While you were enjoying all the Christmas classics fun in December, I was a guest at the top-ranked HR juggernaut, Blogging4Jobs. Read my posts:



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