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Back To Blogging Basics

2016 is going to be a back to basics year on at The Buzz on HR.

When I started this blog almost 5 year ago, my dear friend about Jamie Gaymon gave me three pieces of advice that have always stuck with me:

  1. Write about what you’re passionate about … Writing isn’t easy. Most people dread it. If you’re lucky enough to like it and be good at it, choose to write about something you enjoy. Otherwise, you will burn out and resent the work involved in building, maintaining and growing a blog.
  2. Know your audience … When you write, you need to have an idea in your head of the person you’re talking to. Of course, you want anyone and everyone to read your work. You want people in all 4 corners of the world to read it and love it! Initially and immediately, that won’t be the case. So make sure you know who you are talking to — and what you’re talking about.
  3. Be consistent … Whether it is once a day or once a week or once a month, set a consistent schedule for when you will post new content. You can always add more if/when you want to — but reducing the schedule will hurt your following.

I’ve violated rule #3.

I’ve said over and over that stuff of life and other demands zapped my creativity and pulled me away from writing. It’s my truth.

It’s also my truth that my inconsistent posting and occasional hiatuses hurt my following and cost me opportunities. This is the year that I right the ship.

I’m going back to basics.

I’m going back to writing weekly posts directed at active managers, leaders and human resources professionals. I will sprinkle in humor and sarcasm and pop-culture references. I will share real stories from my escapades in the HR trenches but change the names to protect the innocent. I will connect my every day happenings with management lessons for practical wisdom.

But that’s not enough. That’s not all.

Because part of the reason I took those hiatuses was because I wanted to share other stuff but didn’t know how. Stuff about my faith and my frustrations and my fears. Stuff about my perspective on race and gender in our world at large and especially in the world of work. Different stuff. Uncomfortable stuff. Stuff of life stuff.

Now that I’m back, I’m going to share that stuff. I need to share that stuff. It is scary. I’m going to have to change my style, my approach and push myself. I’m going to have to trust the message will find its way to its audience and that it will resonate with anyone who chooses to read it. I’m going to have to trust my audience to both rebuild and grow with me.

I’m going back to basics. Will you go with me?



Nothing Left To Ponder

I’ve been a contributor at the Performance I Create blog since 2012. And although my schedule has become way more hectic and I’ve had to slow down much of my “Buzz” work, I’ve continued to write monthly for PIC without lapse or fail.

I believe in the simple message that PIC promotes about creating successful organizations by focusing on creating performance excellence. The team of bloggers at PIC have become some of my closest HR friends and confidantes.

So it was incredibly bittersweet when I received the call from PIC founder Chris Ponder a few weeks ago, announcing that he was stepping away from leading the group and the HR blogging/social space altogether.

I totally understand the reasons. The grind of HR is not easy. It is hard to stay motivated to write positive, useful, original HR content after dealing with the hardcore challenges of the HR trenches every day. I struggle with it. It’s why I don’t post as often on this blog as I once did or would like to now … Add to that the stress and responsibility of constantly wrangling a dozen other uber busy, grinding HR professionals — and it’s enough to burn anyone out.

What sucks is that Chris Ponder is a talented writer and the HR blogosphere needs voices like his. Here are a few of my favorite posts that he’s written:

I will miss reading his thoughts and advice … However, I’m fortunate to still have my friend just a text, email or phone call away.

There’s nothing left to ponder. Chris Ponder has left the PIC building. We will carry on without him — but we won’t be the same.

For starting this site. For bringing this talented, awesome group together. For leading us for the last 4 years. For putting up with our shenanigans. For encouraging us. For being our biggest promoter and helper. For being my friend … Thank you, CP2!! We love you bunches and we will continue to make you proud.


2013 — The Year in Review

Happy New Year!!

I took an unplanned, unexpected break from blogging from Thanksgiving until now … I experienced a death in my family just 10 days before Christmas. The toll it took on me surprised me. A lot.

I really needed to take a break. So I did.

As this year kicks off, I’m still recovering from that. It is taking time for me to get back into the swing of things after a holiday season that was unlike any other I’ve known …Yet I’m still excited for all the possibilities 2014 has to offer!! It’s going to be epic and life-changing for me and those I hold dear, both personally and professionally.

I’m starting off with a huge bang as I prepare to take my SPHR exam on January 31st! My nights are spent studying and practicing for it. More on that in future posts.

I’m also lining up more speaking engagements and different writing assignments for this year. I’m still a monthly contributor at Performance I Create (which I highly recommend you subscribe to, if you haven’t. The talent in that group is bananas!). And I still work full-time at my desk as the HR Director … Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

While I get back to work and SPHR study, I encourage you to take one last look at the Top 10 posts of 2013:

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

No matter who you are or what you do, it is always good to reflect on the happenings in your life over the course of the year and set goals for the next one.

2012 was an interesting one for me, both personally and professionally. It started out great, went really sucky and wonky in the middle, then ended on a great trajectory … Going into 2013, I am fired up — and feeling slightly daunted by all the work there is to be done.

Toward the end of the year, I had to do some pruning. Home, work and blog were completely out of balance. I couldn’t seem to find a good routine or rhythm for all I needed and wanted to do. So I had to let go of some things, people and projects to make room for others. Because I am smart enough to know I can’t do everything and do everything well.

I can already see that 2013 is going to be a year of more personal and professional growth for me. Yet I sense it will be different than anything I thought. I’ll have to define and redefine myself at the same time as I establish deeper roots in some areas and plant new seeds in others. Relationships will be tested and boundaries will be pushed. I pray I’m really ready for all of it … And I’m always excited to share the journey with you.

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