I was given the nickname “Buzz” when I was about 3 years old by my father. He said I was always buzzing around and getting into things. So when I was selecting a pen name for my HR writings, Buzz became the natural choice.

Almost 2 years into my journey with The Buzz on HR, I am able to step from behind the pen name and just be myself, Sarah Morgan.

I have been a manager in HR for almost 20 years. My career has been spent in high-volume light-industrial production and retail environments with high-turnover and mostly unskilled labor. I am currently the Director of Human Resources for a home security systems company.

However, all thoughts expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of my current or any previous employer.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a focus on Organizational Communication and Leadership as well as a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. I passed the SPHR Exam in January 2014.

When I’m not working or writing or researching, I am a wife and mom with 5 children in a modern, blended family. I enjoy mindlessly watching television, spending time with friends and family, reading for fun, eating and sleeping.

In addition to the posts on this blog, I have written the following:

I am a regular contributor to “Performance I Create” and I have appeared as a guest on the #1 HR Radio Show “Drive Thru HR” –> listen to the replay

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope you enjoy The Buzz on HR!