BONUS: Lessons from the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge

I spent 28 days blogging about topics near, dear and difficult for me during the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge.

For me, this challenge was 2 things:

  • a way to force to get back into writing shape and rhythm
  • a way to force me to share the thoughts I’ve had that I too scared to let out so I slipped into inertia

I wasn’t looking to inspire or engage anyone. But I did.

I wasn’t looking to upset or offend. But I did that, too.

And I wasn’t looking to learn. But I did that as well.

I learned that people still expect an invitation. There were people who didn’t participate because they weren’t personally invited. It left them unsure about whether their voice were wanted or welcomed. I assumed anyone who felt passionate about the topic would happily jump in. That turned out not to be the case.

I learned that people will flake out on you. There were people who were very excited when the challenge was announced. There were others who started out posting and sharing with enthusiasm. That dwindled as the month went on. They got tired. So did I! Somewhere around Day 20, I honestly wanted to quit. But I dug deep and pushed thru it. Posting daily wasn’t easy for me and I know it wasn’t easy for anyone else. I’m grateful for everyone who joined, in whatever way they participated and for however long. I’m honored by those who crossed the finish line with me.

I learned that White Privilege really is fragile. I’d actually never hear the theory of white fragility before this challenge. I had no idea it was a real thing. My decision to tackle it turned out to be far more controversial than I ever thought it would be. But I’m glad that I did it and I’m glad for all the conversations, both public and private, that have come from that post and all the others.

I learned that Black Blogs really do Matter. There are so many of our voices in the blogosphere not getting the exposure and accolades we deserve. I found new bloggers in the HR space as well as in other spaces that are doing and writing dope things! I’m not sure I ever would have learned about them without this challenge. If we do not speak up and support each other, we all lose. We also have to share so others can see and learn what else is out there. New, diverse voices are needed and welcomed.

I learned that this is more than a one-month challenge. There are very few people addressing these topics head on in the HR space. People have called me brave for tackling the topics covered; I don’t feel that way. It took me over a year to muster the motivation to say what’s been trapped in my mind. I’m left wondering what differences I could have made if I’d spoken sooner … But I know I can’t stop. So I won’t. I commit to continue this conversation and these kinds of posts at least once a month. I encourage you to ask questions, publicly or privately. Because it is only thru sincere conversation that we’ll ever reach understanding and progress.

I’ve found my voice again. I plan to keep talking. I hope you’ll keep listening. I hope you’ll holla back.


  1. Kimya N. Dennis

    March 13, 2017 at 11:26 AM

    I love you and I love your voice. Thank you very much. You are truly appreciated.

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