It has been a busy summer for me. Juggling work, home and blog-life has taken more effort than usual — and keeping balance has been more challenging than usual.

So I am taking a little writing break to get my mind, rhythm and schedule back on track.

The Buzz will be back with new content beginning October 1st.

Until then, enjoy these throwbacks from last September:

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation — After a trip to the NC Aquarium, I wrote this post on dealing with toxic co-workers
  • I Love Television —  I get a lot of the inspiration from my blog posts from stuff that I write on tv. Read what’s so great about television — and connect to my series on cancelled soap opera, All My Children
  • Every Day Is Someone’s September 11th — On this important day in our nation, we should never forget the struggles people face in our workplace each day. Read my September 11, 2001 story — and share yours in the comments