I signed on as a contributor for Project : Social HR earlier this year. It was designed to encourage and support Human Resource practitioners growth in the use of social media (SoMe) tools and strategies. The blog site featured new and tenured HR professional advocating and providing practical tips to better understand and use SoMe. There was also a mentoring program where SoMe users could help SoMe novices get onboard and engaged with the various things SoMe has to offer. The coordinator or all this was HR pro and blogger, Victorio Milian — and it was definitely a huge undertaking! When he took on new job role in June, it became too hectic to continue the program — and the rest of us that write for the site weren’t able to takeover the duties because our schedules are 50 Shades of Cray, too.

So last week, the Project officially ended.

But I say it is just on extended hiatus. I believe someONE or someONES will pick up with torch because this program is needed. Social media understanding and adoption in business is not going away — it is necessary to have a strategy for dealing with it in today’s world of business and work! HR has to get it — and be able to lead, guide and advise about SoMe!! We can’t do that if we don’t know what it is or how it works.

Until this hiatus ends, I am committing to continue in the spirit of Project : Social HR. One post each month here at The Buzz on HR will be dedicated to educating about social media. I will share great content from others. I will reach out to get help and give help on how social media can and should be used in the workplace. I will get and give help on blogging. I will continue to have the courage to speak and share my truth because I believe it will make our profession better.

Here are the posts I wrote for Project : Social HR, in case you missed any of them:

And here are the links to some of my other favorite posts from the site. You will find some familiar names from guests here — and some others that you should definitely connect with:

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Project : Social HR may be gone but it will never be forgotten. Let’s keep talking about improving our businesses workplaces through adopting and using social media! We must. And we will.