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4 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Touch That With a 10-foot Pole”

  • yeah, when I see outrageous stories in the headlines I wonder the same thing; who’s the HR team left to clean this mess up?

    Great approach here.

    • Buzz Rooney


      The only way to handle these kinds of messes is not to get in them in the first place. Everything after that is just spin to strengthen your defense, on both the employee and employer’s part.

  • The fact that Gloria Allred is representing her makes me even less likely to feel sympathy for her situation.

    The case they’re trying to make is shaky at best, for the reasons you expressed below. This statement pretty much says it all:

    She was soon told by an editor that she was fired for not disclosing her dancing experience on her job application, Tressler said.

    Non disclosure/lying on an application is grounds for termination, period. I just don’t feel that you can claim gender discrimination, when clearly you weren’t proud enough of your part time job to disclose it up front.

    Just my two cents :)

    • Buzz Rooney

      My only sympathy is for the HR person at the newspaper who will spend the next 6 months – 2 years dealing with this mess. Tressler and Allred are gonna be just fine, no matter the outcome.

      And I agree that her non-disclouse is tantamount to admission of conflict of interest. As a journalist, it would be an asset to write a blog about your experiences in a job and industry that many people are curious about. If not for this issue, I might’ve read her book! She could’ve used this to her advantage. Instead, she chose to hide it — then cry foul when that choice backfired. Not cool.