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8 thoughts on “Look Beyond The Hoodie”

  • LNWEsq4

    Awesome post. Proud of you.

    • Buzz Rooney

      Thank you! I was nervous about how it would be received. But the feedback has been great. It is a terrible story but the lessons resonate. I hope justice is served.

  • Frank

    Zimmerman will be arrested, only a matter of time given the public outrage. But it will ring hollow sinceit should have happened at the very start of the case.

    I’m sure there are many members of that police department that feel the same way, and are no longer proud to be part of that organization.

    • Buzz Rooney

      I agree. It will definitely ring hollow. And I wonder how much evidence has been lost or contaminated in the meanwhile. That young man deserved better.

      We all have moments when our organizations do things that don’t make us too proud. I hope everyone learns from this.

  • Great post Buzz, so hard to be objective when all the emotions are surging. You are right on with emotions making people make the wrong decision or making them look unfavorable when they are justified in their anger. This case is riddled with emotion and testosterone from the time Zimmerman took chase. It is a tragic example of not taking the right clear headed and objective decisions people should be making. I think one of the hardest facts to swallow is the Police had Trayvon’s cell phone but never called any of the numbers to determine who he was. Inexcusable police work. – Judgment is coming. My prayers are with the family during this tragic time.

    • Buzz Rooney

      I agree. The police handling of this matter is awful. I just hope it has not botched the case so much that justice is lost altogether. In the end, Zimmerman will pay for his crime, now or in the hereafter.

  • Aicha R

    Awesome job, I think this is fantastic. And as an aspiring HR professional, I loved the use of your comparisons. You have a new follower!

    • Buzz Rooney

      Thanks, Aicha! I am glad you enjoyed reading and appreciate the support. If there’s anything I can help with in your budding HR career, please reach out to me.