I am taking a little break right now but I’ll be back with new content beginning January 9th.

Until then, check out this “Best of Buzz” list with the most popular posts of 2011 …

11)  Unsticking From The Stapler – I created an uproar when I replaced a broken stapler and learned a couple things about fear of change

10) HR is For the Birds – The 5-part series on what HR can learn from our feathered friends.

09) Caught In A Bad Bro-Mance – Find out what happens when good mentoring goes bad

08) Four-Letter Words of Wisdom – My dad’s unique views on management and dealing with people at work

07)  Encourage Yourself – The time we spend giving pep talks to others has a payoff for us too!

06)  My Mom is BETTER than Your Mom – My mother has almost 40 years in the HR game. Her advice is pure, simple, timeless and genius

05) HR is Just Persuasion Without Power – The importance of influence cannot and should not be overlooked

04) Lazy HR – The 8-part series on preventing and overcoming lazy HR practices

03) What HR is To Me – It’s the very 1st post ever on the blog.

02) Pros, Fauxs & CEOs – I’m sick of hearing how HR doesn’t speak the CEOs language. Maybe it’s time everyone else learn to speak HR’s language

01) Are We All Just Drinking The HR Kool-Aid – Maybe HR really has it completely twisted …

And that’s the list. Are you surprised? Was there something missing you thought would be on there? Is there anything you want to read more about in 2012?

Either way, I thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you … Happy New Year!