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4 thoughts on “Eating Your HR Veggies”

  • Frank Eagan

    This situation can really apply to anyone in an administrative position. Real success lies in the details, your ability to not only know what has to be done, but your determination to make sure it gets done, each and every day.

    It takes determination to “get the job done”, and that includes the sometimes boring projects that don’t draw special attention but are essential to the overall importance of the organization.

    A persons reputation is the only truth that follows from job to job. Treat yours with respect and you will receive respect in return.

    • Yvonne Davis

      @Frank: So true. Attention to detail is essential to ensuring a task is done once, done correctly, and done on time.We forget that while we are watching and evaluating others, they are watching and evaluating us too. Our work is our signature. We should give 100% each time, no matter what the task.

      • Buzz Rooney

        Absolutely! Our professional reputation is built or destroyed one task at a time.

    • Buzz Rooney

      I agree with you 100%! Very well put. It’s not just about coming through “in the clutch” but consistently performing in the day-to-day grind that matters.